Drivewire in Brampton, ON was a definite success

Photo Credit: Maddy Oxenham
Interviews by: Maddy Oxenham

Who: SounDrive Presents Drivewire: Arcane Ghosts, Words Like Wildfire, and Courage My Love
Where: The Rose Theatre, Brampton
When: Thursday, December 20th, 2018

The night, which was made possible by SounDrive Records started with our two gracious hosts, Maddy Oxenham of our own Canadian Beats and Nav Nanwa. The duo set the tone for an exciting night getting the crowd pumped up for the first band, Arcane Ghosts.

Once Arcane Ghosts came out, they were ready to put on the best end of the year show they could give us and as soon as the first beat dropped, we knew it was the start of a great night. Arcane Ghosts really turned the night up when they dropped some sweet Christmas songs and a beautiful Drake cover at the end of the night. The most memorable part of Arcane Ghosts set was being able to celebrate their lead singer’s birthday. We hoped as a crowd we gave him the best birthday we could.

Words Like Wildfire did not start their set out like any regular band; they jumped right into it and it was mesmerizing. The lead singer was so full of energy, running into the crowd to sing and dance with the crowd! The guys made sure that everyone from the back of the room to the front of the stage was enjoying themselves and the atmosphere. Their songs stayed lively and their music was so energetic.

Courage My Love took the stage and we knew the twin sisters and bassist were going to give us an amazing show. The Kitchener natives played their newest single, “Remission”. The song is so intricate and beautiful; the crowd went absolutely crazy trying to high five Mercedes and were all dancing around. The band decided to slow it down with an amazing cover by Toronto’s very own Drake. The rendition was incredibly beautiful, and it really rounded out the whole night.

As a whole, the event was incredibly well put together, extremely organized and most importantly it was fun! The bands were amazing, and the sets were the perfect amount of time; each band had a different sound which really brought the whole evening together. Our hosts closed out the evening wishing all safe drives, and all the best. It was an all-around exciting night and we cannot wait for the next event.

For a few more photos from the show, head to our Facebook page!

Also, take a few moments to check out Maddy’s chats with each band, as well as the owners of SounDrive Records below.

We hope you enjoyed!

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