PREMIERE – Still Eighteen releases new single, “Carnivore”

Canadian alternative rock band, Still Eighteen is made up of Joey Ciotti, Samantha Ciotti and Karen Ciotti. They are not your average rock band, as the members are actually a mother, father and daughter. 

The trio has released a brand new single, “Carnivore” and we are extremely happy to be the outlet to share this with you.

“We, the members of Still Eighteen, consider ourselves to be questioners of the status quo. Emerging Indie Bands dubbed our band a “rock protest trio”, which we appreciate. “Carnivore” is a driving alternative rock song about a man’s insatiable greed and his ravenous appetite for more, regardless of the consequences. The verse is written in first person perspective and features powerful, voracious male vocals while the chorus is written in third person perspective and features badass female vocals chanting “He don’t care about the blood on his hands / Gonna take him to the promise land…. He’s a carnivore, he’s a carnivore / Give him more, more more…”  Stylistically, the song is reminiscent of The Dead Weather in its use of heavy electric guitars and intertwined male/female vocals. The song was written by Still Eighteen’s Joey (former lead-singer of Platinum Blonde) and Samantha Ciotti, a father/daughter song-writing team and was inspired by our materialistic society.”

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