Chris Gold releases new single, “Darkest Blue”

Artist, singer-songwriter and producer Chris Gold is back with a brand new single, “Darkest Blue”.

The single is written by Chris and produced with CHARSOLI. “Darkest Blue” gives listeners a deeper, more vulnerable connection to Chris Gold’s soulful and emotive expressions.

Chris reflects on the heartfelt track,

“This song is a slow dance describing a deep, emotional experience where I had to leave what was keeping me comfortable to move into an unknown, unwritten territory of my life.” 

He continues to share on the single,

“I started writing this about my first love and then began to realize how much this concept conveys the emotional landscape we experience in many aspects of human life. It reminded me to be comfortable with the uncertainty of the future and to accept impermanence. I felt an emotional evolution happen this year, and it’s in perfect timing that I share Darkest Blue with the world. I am letting go of attachments and making room for new energy and expansion.” 

Check out the single HERE.

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