Petra Glynt releases video for “Flavour of the Week”

Last week, Montreal-based electro-pop artist Petra Glynt released the video to her latest single, “Flavour of the Week”.

Directed by Mohammad Rezaei and Michelle Homonylo, the video was filmed in a stark apartment during sunset, flickering between moments of light and darkness to mirror the song’s themes of anxiety created by social media and the dissonance between virtual life and reality. Alexandra Mackenzie (aka Petra Glynt) plays the starring role while Homonylo performs as a figment of her imagination. 

Petra Glynt returned in 2018 with sophomore album “My Flag Is A Burning Rag Of Love”, follow-up to the 2017 critically-acclaimed “This Trip”. The album shatters the scope of Petra Glynt’s previous musical visions with 13 songs shifting from driving, danceable rhythms to intensely pummeling alien raves and softly shimmering eco-goth ballads. Auxiliary percussion propels squelching electronic productions while her powerful, operatically trained vocals guide the listener like a foghorn blaring against a jagged coast. You can purchase “My Flag Is A Burning Rag Of Love” here.

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