AxMinister releases video for “Salvation”

Hailing from the frozen tundra of Ontario, AxMinister are the heroes of metal the world needs! The Toronto band released a brand new video for their single “Salvation”. The music video was actually shot, directed, and edited by drummer Bas von Bismark. The video is in support of the band’s latest EP The Crucible of Sin released this past May.

“Being a second generation filmmaker, I’ve been playing with film cameras since before my years reached double digits, and as such, I have a list of dream projects I want to film, from westerns to Sci-Fi. One such dream concept has always been a medieval sword fighting revenge tale, and leading up to the recording of our The Crucible of Sin EP, I made the decision to pen and produce 5 videos, corresponding with the songs, and following one storyline, delivered as five episodes. I’m super excited to share my vision with our metal loving fans. Chronicling the story of a sword-wielding warrior, hell-bent on bloody revenge after a deadly assault against his family, episode II, “Salvation”, is an action-packed experience, that follows our reminiscing hero, as he tracks down those who murdered his children, and abducted his wife. It’s a privilege to share this with the metal world at large, those new to the band, and the true metal warriors who’ve been following us so far!” – Drummer Bas von Bismark 

The Crucible of Sin sports a sense of humour. It tries to tell an… at times, nihilistic story about love, lust, oppression, and redemption. Following every recording and show, they try to reflect on their own mistakes and attempt to improve. They grew to understand our 90s thrash/traditional style of songwriting and compose accordingly. Also learning the importance of having a big sound on stage and on record; and the importance of working with a good producer. 

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