Review – Honey Beard

Album: Reverie EP
Release Date: November 24, 2018
Genre: Dark Synthpop

Honey Beard is a dark synthpop duo from Toronto that justdropped their second EP, Reverie.

The EP definitely evokes a classic 80’s soundscape in therealm of Depeche Mode or Joy Division. Frantic synth drums are complimented by low tone synths and despondent vocals – encouraging the listener to dance with reckless abandon within the dark mood Honeybeard has created. However, HoneyBeard then contrasts this melancholic backing with complementary upbeat electronic tones. This juxtaposition leave thelistener vaguely optimistic in thedarkness and ready for the next song.

A standout on this album for me was the title track‘Reverie.’ Unlike the fast pace of the other songs of the EP, ‘Reverie’ has a much slower pace to evoke the joys and sadness of a summer love lost.It’s definitely the song one would use to hold a loved one close for a classic high school slow dance after a night of wild dancing.

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