Meagan de Lima releases video for “Unfold Me”

Toronto, ON-based R&B/ Soul artist, Meagan de Lima has released a video for her newest single, “Unfold Me”. The song is intended to be a soulful, intimate and raw track that describes what it feels like to fall in love when your guard has been up for a while.

Meagan shares on the single,

“This song was inspired by my boyfriend when we had just started dating. This song is very special to me because it is the first song of many that I would write about him. I wrote “Unfold Me” at a time where I was scared to fall in love. I had been through a lot of pain by that point. I was really afraid to let anyone into my life.

I quickly learned that being with him was what it is supposed to feel like when you fall in love – absolutely free. He loved me for every part of me and I am truly grateful for that to this day. It was like everything that happened up to that point was meant to happen, because it lead me to him. As if he was the reason for it all. “Unfold Me” can be taken a lot of ways, but to me, it is about realizing the best things are waiting for you if you are willing to let your guard down, and maybe when you do, you will be lucky enough to the meet the person that will change your life.”

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