Who: Rowjay, Zach Zoya, FouKi
When: November 15th, 2018
Where: Club Soda, Montreal QC
For the 2nd night of M for Montreal, fans of Quebecois Rap gathered at Club Soda, to attend a concert benefiting the Garage à Musique of the Fondation du Dr. Julien, a charity whose mission it is to help children in need gain access to medical services, and democratize access to music for everyone.

Rowjay was first to hit the stage. In front of a small, but dedicated crowd, the Montreal rapper put on an energetic performance, jumping around, dropping high-kicks in the air and occasionally spraying the crowd with water. Before his last song, Rowjay encountered some technical difficulties, which he overcame by simply jumping into the pit and raging with the crowd.

Next up was Zach Zoya. As soon as he hit the stage, the temperature went up a few degrees in the venue. With his signature hairstyle, catchy lyrics and high energy, Zach appears as the kind of rapper who is still early in their career, but has the potential to sign with an OVO-like label and achieve great things!

Last but not least, FouKi closed the show. Accompanied by his producer Quiet Mike, the rapper charmed the crowd to the sound of his tracks, that mix vibes of trap, old school rap and reggae. All in all, Rowjay, Zach Zoya and FouKi provided an electric show for a great cause, and showed M for Montreal attendees that the new generation of Quebecois rap is ready to take over.

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