Interview & Acoustic with Matt Teed

Toronto born and raised, Matt Teed, is a refreshing new artist on the musical scene. In June 2018, he released his first EP, 14:29, following the release of his first single, “It’ll Be Okay” on June 14, and “Heartbeat” on June 21. The marketing of this EP is creative and proved to be a success as it debuted on iTunes at #13.

Teed’s story in the creation of his music, with the help of producer Shawn Moore, is an interesting one. It was a pleasure to meet up with him on a beautiful summer day by the water to learn more about him and his music. Plus, we were treated to an acoustic version of “It’ll Be Okay”. Teed was accompanied by the amazingly talented Stu Weinberg.

Please enjoy our video.

Connect with Matt Teed:

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