Review – Innes Wilson

EP: Seaview
Release Date: Sep 21, 2018
Genre: Folk Rock

Seaview is Guelph Ontario’s Innes Wilson‘s first EP after a six-year hiatus. It is fitting then that Seaview seems to thematically map the course of Innes interior journey through that period of absence.

The EP kicks in with the anthem-like track “From Now to Forever” with an energetic chorus of voices and full band. The next track, “Rough Falls” is comparatively lonely with only Innes, a harmonica and an acoustic guitar carrying most of the track. ‘Pelee Beach’ then has no vocals at all, only a solitary guitar picking with the sounds of songbirds and waves as the backing. The final song, “The Ballad of Earl Rowe”, then returns to not only multiple instruments, but also accompanying vocals.

With this structure of tracks, Seaview suggests to the listener a cycle of creativity as we move from a crowded collaborative track to an isolated beach with just Innes and the sea. Whether it was in isolating himself or by letting the sounds of nature reinvigorate his spirit, Innes intimates in the structure of Seaview that he is ready to work with other artists in the public eye once more. In this last song, I feel that Innes is indicating to us that he has recovered his muse.

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