Review – Matt Mays

Album: Twice Upon a Hell of a Time…
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Genre: Indie Rock

In Matt Mays’ new album Twice Upon a Hell of a Time… Matt takes us on a more subtle and soothing look at his last album Once Upon a Hell of a Time… His newest album which is a collection of acoustic versions from his previous album reminds us that rock can be smooth and sultry on top of it being edgy and sexy.

To start the album off, we hear the acoustic version of “Trust Life”; the intro is a soothing and soft guitar with Matt slowly bringing in his iconic vocals and incredible lyrics. “Trust Life” brings you to a different vision of spending your life with someone special and the trials and tribulations that you go through with a relationship and falling in love.

Another standout song in this album is “Perfectly Wasted (Acoustic)”, this song brings a fun and lively aspect to the album. It’s fun beat and clever lyrics allow for the listener to sing along to the perfectly curated track. The song talks about getting a little tipsy but having the best night you could think of.

The album ends with the most perfect song I could think of for a finale; the acoustic version of “Never Say Never”. This song brings a high level of emotion throughout the entirety; expressing the pain and vulnerability in each word sang. The heartache that is expressed and felt with each passing beat; you can hear the agony with each word that passes and it ties the whole album together.

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