IN PHOTOS – Nova Scotia Music Week – Day 1 (Continued)

What: Nova Scotia Music Week
When: November 1, 2018
Where: Holiday Inn, Elm/Oak Ballroom, Truro NS

Opening up this years Nova Scotia Music week was Post Data. Playing on the main stage at the Elm oak ballroom, and accompanied by Natalie Lynn, Jon Samuel, Hello Delaware, Rich Aucoin, and Pineo & Loeb.

Natalie Lynn:

Jon Samuel:


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My name is Alex Boyd, and I am a live music and event photographer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a photographer I’ve built and improved my skills and have been shooting freelance work for bands and other clients for three years. My dream is to work with touring bands and record labels to have my images published in magazines, online, and in album artwork.

You can find my work on my instagram @boyda.concerts

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