Review – Jess Knights

EP: Won’t Wait
Release: October 27, 2018
Genre: Soul-Pop

Calgary songstress Jess Knights doesn’t have to wait any longer, because her debut album Won’t Wait is officially out. The five-track release was recorded with Juno Award winners/nominees Russell Broom, Chris Byrne, Spencer Cheyne, and Mike Little; recorded between OCL Studios and the living rooms of Knights and producer Josh Gwilliam. Knights has been working on her music for over a decade and this album is a result of everything she has learned about herself, according to a press release statement from Knights.

Won’t Wait is a ball of fire; full of booming drums, swinging melodies, and a powerful voice. Knights brings theatricality to her vocal performances, bringing life to each song’s story. Her voice is both gritty and smooth, divulging stories of wonder, love, heartbreak, and a cheeky tale involving religious boys and a little corruption. Look for highlights “You Come For Money”, the opening Amy Winehouse-esque track, the sultry rock n’ roller “No Jazz”, and the delicate acoustic ballad “Shot a Bird”, a melancholy tale of the regrets of an unfaithful lover.

In just five songs Jess Knights gains your attention and your respect as she pours her heart and soul into each story she has created for us.

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