Freeza Chin and JAYEMKAYEM launch new label Bare Selection

Today marks the launch of a new label, Bare Selection, and the announcement of first release with Toronto MC and producer Tre Mission.

Bare Selection is the result of a collaboration between DJ/engineer/producer Freeza Chin and DJ/curator JAYEMKAYEM. Staples of the Toronto club scenes (with strong ties to the UK), these two don’t need any introduction. Freeza Chin explains his motivations behind the label:

“Toronto is my home but I’ve always thought of London as a second home as well, despite only having travelled there a few times. Grime, garage, UK funky—it’s all been a huge part of my life, my sound and my identity as a creator and curator for over 15 years now. It’s really cool to be able to support the sounds I love from both Toronto and the UK in a new way by releasing music through Bare Selection.”

JAYEMKAYEM adds about their partnership:

“We have different skill sets that compliment each other. It just made sense to launch the label together. Freeza will be shaping the sound of the label overall, getting artists on board for releases and doing all the mixing and mastering. And I’ll be managing the other aspects of the label including marketing, branding, events, partnerships and more.”

The label’s first EP, “Bare Selection 001”, with Tre Mission, is set to release on November 12th on all streaming and purchasing platforms. There will also be a launch party on November 10th at SoSo Food Club in Toronto, featuring music by Beat Sampras, Mike Roc, Freeza Chin and JAYEMKAYEM. More details available on Facebook.


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