SOCAN Launches Dataclef Music Services

On October 22, 2018, SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) launched Dataclef, the new services arm of their music rights organization. To find out more about what this all means, Janice Scott – Dataclef Chief Operating Officer & Head of Sales, answered some questions for us.

Janice Scott – Dataclef Chief Operating Officer & Head of Sales

Please tell us a bit about Dataclef and what you do?

Dataclef’s mission is to provide services – built on the world’s most authoritative rights database – that make the music royalties process efficient, transparent, and technologically advanced. Effectively processing global music use, ownership, licensing, and royalty data is the most imperative need of the modern music industry. Dataclef empowers organizations to deliver maximum value to rights-holders across the digital music ecosystem, and to discover efficiencies across their own technology systems.

What makes Dataclef better than other royalties and music services companies?

The collective music industry experience and expertise present across our organization make us a powerful provider of rights administration services. Our database is built using industry-leading data practices pioneered at The SOCAN Group of companies. Data is sourced from thousands of providers in more than 200 territories.

Who benefits from your services?

Music rights organizations of all sizes and shapes will benefit from increased efficiency, enhanced transparency, and greater financial upside by partnering with Dataclef for their back-office needs. Dataclef Suite, our premiere product, is a customizable set of solutions designed to empower music rights organizations of all sizes.

Why is a service like this important?

Efficiency, transparency, and high-scale data matching and cleansing are the three primary areas of focus for Dataclef solutions. Music has inherent value, and our services amplify that value across the digital music ecosystem.

How does this make a difference to the people/companies you service?

Even companies that are thriving can decrease technology costs, increase access to data, enhance data accuracy, and decrease liability by partnering with Dataclef. The scalable nature of our solutions means Dataclef is ready to grow in scale with an organization’s business needs today, requiring none of the development timeline or financial investment normally associated with rapid growth.

Tell us about the affiliation between Dataclef and SOCAN.

Dataclef is a subsidiary of SOCAN, and for all purposes an independent organization. Infrastructure, financials, and resources are completely separate, and the two organizations maintain individual strategic visions. Dataclef was created using the power of SOCAN’s strategic investment and acquisition strategy over the last two years. Going forward, Dataclef will leverage its own strategic initiatives around block-chain, artificial intelligence, and other emergent technologies.

Why did SOCAN launch this dedicated service offering?

Dataclef is a key strategic development toward SOCAN’s mission to lead the global transformation of music rights.

Where can people find out more about Dataclef?

We are excited to work with organizations of all sizes to maximize the financial upside delivered to rightsholders. Interested stakeholders can visit our website, or can reach out to us directly for more information at

To read SOCAN’s official press release on this announcement click here.

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