Review – Mother Mother

Album: Dance and Cry
Release Date: November 2, 2018
Genre: Indie Rock

Mother Mother has been making tsunamis in the music industry for some time; the lead singer Ryan swore that this album would be different as it was songs that made him want to cry or dance. The passion put into this album is unlike any other; the emotion behind each song is strong and sensual, allowing the listener to sway with the beat and immerse themselves wherever they are.

The first track on the album, “I Must Cry Out Loud”, begins with a simple and sultry sound. Ryan’s voice is like lace as he sings about being in touch with his emotions. The song has a dark and sexy feel to it that amplifies the harmonies that come in and the strong instrumentals throughout the song. The album takes a turn with the song “So Down”, a more peppy beat, this song has you tapping your foot and bopping your head. Mother Mother does an exquisite job at driving different forces with all of their songs on each album and this album is no different.

As the album comes to an end, you are graced with the song “Back To Life”, the strong drum presence throughout the song keeps in tone with the catchy lyrics and harmonies throughout the album. The album finishes with what is one of the strongest pieces; birds chirping and a slow intro “Keep” was the surreal choice to have as their finale song. A slow song to finish off their album, this song is the definition of what the group was trying to achieve of hitting different emotions and bringing a new sense to the music industry.

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