PREMIERE – Ziggi Jadovsky unveils new EP, Shadow Roots

Montreal, QC-based singer-songwriter Ziggi Jadovsky has joined forces with local Jazz-Funk group, The Firing Squad to release her EP, Shadow Roots.

Ziggi shares on the EP,

“The EP title, Shadow Roots, comes from an image I saw one bright frosty morning in Montreal and reflects my international background (never quite feeling rooted to a particular place). It’s also my take on the human condition – the darker side of ourselves that is as much a part of us as our light, and which comes out in love and relationships (as described in Sun-Slapped Southern Son and Le Vertige) limiting self-beliefs (Glass Ceilings) and in avoidance (in this case of potential climate catastrophes as detailed in ’Nature is Dead’ and ‘Goblin Shark’. It’s a collage of my thoughts and feelings, which I hope resonates with others.”

Take a moment to check out “Glass Ceilings” from the EP below, and check out the full EP on Ziggi’s website or Bandcamp!

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