Show Review – Calpurnia & Little Juinor in Toronto, ON

Photo Credit: Maddy Oxenham

Who: Little Junior and Calpurnia
When: Saturday, October 20, 2018
Where: Phoenix Concert Theatre

Little Junior came to the stage with a purpose; they came out and demonstrated what a band that is incredibly cohesive should look and sound like. They got right into their set and made sure the young crowd was singing and dancing along. Hometown pride really took its toll here as Little Junior is a band made up of native Torontonians; this venue held a special place in their heart and you could see that as they performed. The third song played by Little Junior had everyone single person screaming “I Know You Are But What Am I!” Everyone from all different ages was bopping around singing and dancing; this song had the ability to bring together people of all different ages.

After Little Junior finished an amazing set, everyone at the venue was able to grab a few drinks, push themselves closer to the stage and get prepared for Calpurnia start their set. The build-up for the band taking the stage was heavy; girls were screaming waiting for Finn to sing his heart out, guitar enthusiasts were waiting for Ayla to play some sweet chords and fans were excited for Jack to crack the best jokes and for Malcolm to keep the whole band on beat.

The lights dimmed and the screams started, out came member by member. As they took their rightful spots on the stage, they strummed the first chords to one of their hits “Wasting Time” and that’s when the whole venue lost their minds. Every person in the venue was moving and grooving to one of the catchiest songs out there. The band may be young, but their talent is beyond their years. They were able to keep the tempo and excitement up for the entire concert.

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