Review – Jim Dan Dee

Album: Jim Dan Dee
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Genre: Blues-Rock

The Toronto, ON-based blues band Jim Dan Dee (J.D.D. from the old cliché expression “everything is Jim Dandy) has just released a new self-titled album on October 19, 2018, after a long wait. This time coming with a killer mix of blues-rock and soul, with deep meaning behind the lyrics on the eleven songs that comprise this album. This is the most powerful work they’ve released since their EP Five Stiff Shots, showing how they have evolved in the time since, mixing new styles and improving the quality and elegance of their sound.

The album starts with “Save My Soul” which is a very strong track, the melody takes you on a blues-rock trip. The smooth sound of the sax, mixed with the guitar makes you feel as though you are swimming in blues.

The fourth track, “Just Cuz” catches your attention instantly with a classic sound and the stellar vocals, this is a song that brings forth strong emotions, you will find yourself flowing with the melody.

When you reach the sixth song, “When You Move Like That There”, you won’t be able to stop from moving your feet and your head to the beat. The guitar solo is so intense, and the vocals are beyond powerful, helping this modern rock-blues song smash your mind.

With “Killer” you can really feel the strong influence of rock and soul. The sax gives this song a powerful kick, mixing with the guitar at the end of the song, creating something you certainly need to hear.

In the final song “Walking Shoes” the band shows us the roads they’ve crossed to finish this album, to evolve in their music and improve their sound. You can feel the catharsis and when the song takes you high to the end, you just need to listen to it all over again to make sure you receive all the strongest rhythm and melodies they made.

Every single track is well complimented with all the instruments and vocals that made up the release. Intensity, quality, powerful, strength…these are all words that could describe the new Jim Dan Dee album. They have really shown how much they have evolved through the years, reaching a new musical success.

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