Review – Melanie Brulée

Album: Fire, Floods & Things We Leave Behind
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Genre: Americana

Toronto based Americana artist Melanie Brulée released her album Fire, Floods & Things We Leave Behind today.

It opens with “I Will,” a song filled with castanets and Brulée’s Miranda Lambert-esque vocals. This song perfectly encapsulates the artist’s goal to create a soundtrack.

The third track, “Pretty Wasteland” has a chorus filled with ambient guitars and backing vocals. This song is filled with nostalgic road trip vibes.

Midway through the album, we are presented with “Whiskey & Whine,” a song I was prepared to like before listening to (I love a good play on words.) Sure enough, the chorus is catchy and interesting.

I would advise Melanie to explore different instrumentation in some of her songs, as listening to the whole album there are a few tracks that are hard to distinguish from one another.

My favourite song on the album is the ballad “We Get Lost.” It sounds so honest and vulnerable. With lyrics like “we get lost/to find the truth,“ it becomes clear how Melanie became the 2015 Folk Music Ontario winner of the Stingray Music Rising Star Award.

The last song “I Will (Reprise)” is an instrumental track that sounds like it would fit perfectly over the credits of a Western movie.

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