Review – Birds of Bellwoods

Album: Victoria
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Genre: Indie/ Folk Rock

Birds of Bellwoods have been making tidal waves in the music industry over the past few years; hailing from Toronto, Ontario they have just released their new album Victoria. Their songs are catchy, as well as smooth which allows you to dance and sing along to each one wherever you are listening. Each song on their new album has a different feel, touching each emotion and each part of your soul as you listen.

The first song “Melatonin” has a strong musical introduction, and that’s when you hear the powerful lyrics that make you bob your head and tap your foot. “Melatonin” has solid lyrics about missing that special person, that sleep might be better at this point; the melatonin, which is referred to as a bottle of dreams, helps keep the dreams there and lets them continue to sleep.

Birds of Bellwoods are known for easily blending genres together, making their music as unique as the band members. On Victoria, the song “My Heart Is Yours” falls more into the folk genre, bringing a sultrier and easier vibe. The melody of this song evokes a vision of a simpler time and being in love. In simple terms, this song makes you feel safe.

The final track “Leaving Song” is a perfect way to finish the album; the song has a slower beat and revels in saying goodbye to someone. The song slowly says goodbye to someone they love, they can’t imagine being without this person. Victoria will have you feeling many kinds of emotions, there is a song on this album for any feeling or mood. You will not be disappointed by Birds of Bellwoods or the newly released album.

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