Said The Whale debut new single, “UnAmerican”

Photo Credit: Vanessa Heins

Vancouver indie-rock band Said The Whale just released their new single, “UnAmerican”. You can listen/download the song here.

About the song, Tyler Bancroft says:

UnAmerican is a song about a socialite protagonist named Kevin who goes through life letting the music he’s listening to influence everything he’s doing. Through it all, he just wants to be a good person. Around the time I was writing the song, I kept hearing the label ‘UnAmerican’ being given to people who were upset and bewildered by Donald Trump’s antics. And so I started to equate ‘UnAmerican’ with ‘good and decent’ because bewilderment seems like the most normal response to someone as unhinged as Donald Trump.”

This track will be part of their forthcoming new album, coming out the beginning of 2019. The record, which will be Said The Whale’s sixth full-length album, is a piece of big-hearted indie rock and atmospheric folk, was recording between Toronto and Vancouver.

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