Review – Friends of Foes

Album: State of Mind
Release Date: October 12, 2018
Genre: Indie-Alternative

Friends of Foes, an indie-alternative rock band based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan just dropped an album of the year with State of Mind. This album showcases the different emotions that someone goes through in a lifetime; their first song “Sharks” is a strong start to their album. The song explains a sort of love that is so intense and amazing that it seems dangerous, comparable to swimming with sharks. The lyrics and instrumental give such an intense feel which makes this song a stand out and great opening for their album.

“Bare Boned” comes in about halfway through the album; this song brings a slower beat and strong lyrics. Discussing the relationship that someone has and being nervous around them; how someone can be so nervous but the other person can see through it all. The album finishes with “Heaven Made” which was a perfect choice to end the album with; featuring a stronger melody, the song brings you to a final chapter. This final song allows you to reflect on the album, the different emotions you felt through each song, and how every song is tied in together.

State of Mind has been so perfectly curated that it gives the most optimal listening experience; you feel like you are living a full life through each song on the album. The strong presence of love and life brings a new vibe to an amazing album.

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