Review – Bearings

Album: Blue In The Dark
Release Date: October 12, 2018
Genre: Pop-Punk/Rock

Ottawa based pop-punk band Bearings have released their first full-length album Blue In The Dark. They have a solid footing in their hometown area for the last 4 years but they are ready to break out into the bigger scene with this highly anticipated debut.

The album starts off fast with “Where You Are”, instantly hooking me with its classic pop-punk gang vocals, fast guitar riffs and the singers rough but clean voice. Followed by “Aforementioned”, which is slower than the opening song but overall, still great with lyrics like “I still think of you every time/I’ll be just fine” getting to the core of every pop-punk band, the relatable lyrics.

“Eyes Closed” & “Beautiful Places” are on the same page as “Aforementioned” as they have great, feel-good lyrics, especially in “Eyes Closed” where the lyric “I’ll be standing here smiling with my eyes closed” is just a pure, emotional lyric. The title track “Blue In The Dark” is a slow, melodic anthem song. “Take my heart/and make it feel/Take my soul/and make it real” are excellent lyrics that everyone can relate to as everyone just wants to be okay and happy in their life.

“Stuck In A Doorframe” and “Hear Me Say” speed up the album again, bringing that pop-punk aesthetic they had from the beginning. The fast drum beats, group vocals, fast and catchy guitar/bass lines. These are things you hear from the big names in pop punk that shows these guys can fit in perfectly with them.

“Tide” is an acoustic ballad that still incorporates group vocals and great yet simple lyrics that can make anyone feel and having it as the second last song on the album is perfect as you are really into the album at this point and a good comedown song like this is great for one of the last things you’ll hear on the album.

“Love and Decay” closes the album and it’s a perfect ending to the release. It feels like a closer for a relationship as well as this album has a theme of love gained, love lost. The shortest song on the album gets the most emotion out of it. “If there is ever is an after/Would you wait there for me?/All these memories safe and sound inside a photograph/I found love and then decay/I found comfort in the rain” is an amazing chorus. Honestly one of the best lyrics I’ve heard through the hundreds of pop-punk bands I listen too on the daily.

For a debut album and a highly anticipated one at that, Bearings are proving themselves, as they are showing room for improvement but know exactly what they want in the long run. This is an album I will be saving to my Spotify playlists for the future as it will fit perfectly in with everything I’m listening to now.


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