Review – One In The Chamber

EP: I’ve Got Something To Say…
Release Date: September 22, 2018
Genre: Rock

I’ve Got Something To Say…, the debut studio EP for Toronto-based rockers, One In The Chamber, is a noble endeavour. Recorded at Toronto’s Phase One Studios under the production of Murray Daigle (Platinum Blonde, Serena Ryder), it collects the band’s interpretations of bringing rock & roll back to its gritty and glamorous roots.

The lead single, “Bills To Pay”, perfectly displays the ‘old meets new’ vibe the band was aiming to achieve. Pounding drums and slick guitar leads will have you jamming and singing along to this infectious song. You can check out the official video for “Bills To Pay”, below.

One listen of “Crooked Step” and you will be whisked away to the 70s with the groovy bass lines in the opening bars of the song. If more melodic sounding tunes are your vibe, then check out “The Ballad of Captain Jack”, which ushers itself in more slowly compared to some of the other heavy hitters on the EP.

My favourite musical statement on the EP was “Something To Say”. It was the most modern-feeling track on the album and featured aggressive vocals, demonstrating the dynamic range of lead singer, Mike Biase.

Without exception, One In The Chamber has successfully rendered sophisticated and classic sounding songs through the modern rock machine to produce an EP that could easily stand alone as a classic rock or new aged album.

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