Review – The Classy Wrecks

Album: Bedrocksteady
Release Date: September 13, 2018
Genre: Ska/ Rocksteady/ Reggae

The Classy Wrecks, a band based out of Toronto, Ontario bring a new sound to the industry with their upbeat album, Bedrocksteady. The first song on their album “In The Evening” featuring Cassondra Marie, is an upbeat track with a great rhythm and catchy lyrics. This song is perfect for anyone who is waiting on that one person to get in touch with them, and when you’re feeling a little bit lonely, you can turn on this track and bob your head to the tune.

“Superman (Is Going To Hell)” is another fun song on the new album; mentioning different DC characters and what a fun party it will be. They also discuss the road they took through their life while referencing the party waiting for them at the end.  The album finishes with “Does Anyone Have a Patch Chord”; this song is unique in its own right as it has no lyrics, just a collaboration of strong instruments that make it stand on its own.

Bedrocksteady is an album that will heighten your spirits; if you’re having a bad day this album is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Each song was carefully curated with lyrics, chords, and rhythm to appeal to the sense of everyone who listens. The album tells so many different stories that as a listener, I’m sure you can relate to each and every song.

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