Review – Abandoned Film

Album: Intimate Terms with the Unknown
Release Date: September 12, 2018
Genre: Instrumental

Montreal keyboardist, composer, and studio musician Abandoned Film is proud to release his latest CD, Intimate Terms with the Unknown. An eclectic blend of instrumental rock, indie, electronic, and film score, the 9-track collection is an atmospheric labour of love that proves Abandoned Film’s diversity as an artist through and through.

From the futuristic, ethereal title-track “Intimate Terms with the Unknown” to the gorgeously interpreted cover of Elton John’s “Come Down In Time”, Abandoned Film’s versatility is awing: to make the transition between genres so seamless is an act in itself, and to prove his mastery both as a keyboardist and composer in one fell swoop is even more so.

If you haven’t checked out Abandoned Film yet, be sure to—and with this latest edition, be sure to expect his tracks in an upcoming movie in the future.

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