PREMIERE – Bad Western releases video for “White Shoes”

Photo Credit: Tarah Doheny

Toronto, ON-based band, Bad Western consists of Wyatt Fine-Gagne (vocals/ rhythm guitar), Ben Carter-Whitney (lead guitar/ keys/ vocals/ bass), and Landen Moore (drums). The trio released their self-titled EP back in July, featuring the single, “White Shoes”. Today, we are pleased to aid in the unveiling of the video for “White Shoes”.

Wyatt Fine-Gagne shares on the single,

“In the fall of my last year of school, around the time that I wrote “White Shoes,” I had begun to notice more and more people wearing white sneakers – Chuck Taylor’s, mostly. Friends of mine who ended up with a pair were often pretty meticulous about keeping them clean, but I’m generally the opposite; I actually kind of like the look of worn down dirty shoes.

I wrote this song during a period of transition, uncertainty, and stress, all of which manifested in a deep desire for adventure. Adventure, especially with someone I cared about, seemed like a solution to all my problems, or at least a way to delay facing them. Obviously, this is a bit misguided; it’s said often enough that it’s now practically clichéd advice to tell someone ‘running away won’t solve your problems.’ But I still do get some comfort from the thought of leaving for a place where nobody knows my name. The thought of adventure in and of itself can feel liberating sometimes.

It took some time for the song’s arrangement to come together after I finished writing it, but I’m really happy with the result. I think the finished product really captures the ideas of movement and adventure that “White Shoes” centres on. We wanted those same themes to come through in a video – having seen some of their previous work, we thought that Oliver and Shady would be a perfect fit with us. They’re both really talented filmmakers, and we’re really happy with what they came up with.”

Oliver Whitfield-Smith, director and editor of the video comments,

“My partner [Shady Hanna] and I wanted to create a video for White Shoes that could showcase the upbeat and inherently catchy melody while giving weight to both the sombre and triumphant moments of the track. We landed on literal white shoes as our method of communicating these themes, as well as to allow us to craft a story about a group of characters being united through music.

After a couple days of perusing our local thrift stores and begging our friends, we assembled a collection of the most interesting and unique pairs of white shoes we could find. We shot over the course of eight different days, with about ten pairs of legs playing all of our characters (some lucky actors got to play multiple pairs of shoes). After gathering hours of footage, we molded the story in the editing room, where we went through many different iterations of the video with the band until we had crafted a fun, quirky music video about a city full of different people coming together to celebrate the power of music.”

Check out the video above, and be sure to connect with the band on their socials if you want to know more!

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