Show Review – bülow in Toronto, ON

Photo Credit: Maddy Oxenham

Who: bülow
Where: Mod Club, Toronto
When, September 9, 2018

When you think of what you did at 18 or what you plan to do, most of you think about graduating high school, applying to post-secondary. Megan Bülow, bülow (pronounced boo-low) is thinking about what venues she can bring the house down at and thinking about what songs to release to her ever-growing fanbase. Growing up in multiple countries, her music brings in a unique sound that you don’t hear in the pop songs that have come out in recent months. With these different aspects carried into her songs, it brings a different atmosphere to not only her EP but her concerts as well. She connects with her fans on a different level and watching her invite the crowd into singing her lyrics was magical to experience.

At the Mod Club in Toronto on Saturday, September 9th we watched everyone set up the stage for bülow to take centre stage and sing some of our favourite summer hits. The props on the stage were like ones I hadn’t ever seen at a concert before, it included a rock skull, jagged edges, and plants on either side of the stage that resembled being in a jungle or prehistoric time. Once she took the stage, everyone was hypnotized by the strong beat and perfect lyrics.

Once the first song was finished the crowd was pumped to keep the show going, bülow kept the energy high with spins and dance moves. The passion behind each song was felt through every word, for every concertgoer there. Bülow’s songs ranged from her hits of “You and Jennifer” where she sings about a cheating boyfriend who tries to hide it; while it contains explicit lyrics it really describes the pain and frustration that the person is going through. Bülow ended the night with her hit single “Not A Love Song” where the main character is looking for a good time and the guy is looking for something a little more serious. This song has an extremely catchy beat and equally catchy lyrics that had everyone singing along word for word. Each and every person in the venue knew every word, without hesitation.

bülow delivered an amazing sense of depth to her concert that left you leaving feeling empowered as a human and strong from her self-love and appreciation in her music. Each song produced a different story that everyone could relate to; at 18 her music brings so many people together to appreciate all that they are given and to not take yourself for granted.

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