Review – Klaus

Album: Klaus
Release Date: September 7, 2018
Genre: Art-rock

Montreal’s art-rock supergroup, Klaus, is releasing their self-titled debut from Simone Records. Having sold out all three of their Quebec shows, their sound is hailed as lushly electronic and drawing from influences like Afrobeat and Brian Eno’s ‘70s collaborations with David Bowie.

A 10-track technicolour musical playground, Klaus is a catalyst of a debut that pulls no punches. From its firecracker single “Fever” to the slow-building, vocal-heavy opening track “Neon”, Klaus establishes the group’s diversity and supreme talent with grace. Plucking atmospheres from grunge, reggae, jazz, and rock, each track is ripe with individuality.

A fast-paced, jam-packed ride from start to finish, Klaus is a must-listen for anyone unfamiliar with the group.

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