Review – Ryan Gazzola

Album: In The Waking Hour
Release Date: August 10, 2018
Genre: Pop-Rock

British Columbia native Ryan Gazzola released an album In The Waking Hour which has such a sultry sound to it you could listen for days on end. This album features a wide array of instruments; guitar, drums, saxophone, and meaningful lyrics.

Each song offers a different view of love and confidence to whoever listens to the album; Ryan’s sound is bluesy and soulful, it brings such a unique sound to the pop and rock world. In The Waking Hour presents a modern beat with a classic sound of the lyrics that Ryan sings.

“Falling For You” is such a sweet and simple song of falling in love; how the person feels, how they envision the love of their life and how amazing they are in their eyes. “Putting on a Smile” discusses the hardship the person is feeling and how they don’t want to bother the people closest to them.

The songs that were chosen to make up In The Waking Hour all have such depth and love to them; whoever listens to these songs can relate to them on every level; from true love, hurt and being strong for those around you this album hits them all in such a beautiful way.

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