The Sissy Fits release new single, “Lady Boss”

Photo Supplied by PR

Edmonton rockers The Sissy Fits, made up of Brittany Watkins, Jenesse Graling and Jasmine Ming-Wai Ma have released a brand new single “Lady Boss”, a fun and fierce blend of pop harmonies, EDM drops, rock ‘n’ roll guitar riffs, hip-hop beats and rebellious lyrics.

“We love our music to be fun and super energetic, but it’s awesome when we can sneak in a message. We’re dancing and partying, having a good time, but the message behind the song is very important: We’re all really strong and independent women. We’re a bunch of lady bosses and we can do everything on our own,” says singer Brittany Watkins.

The Beastie Boys in short shorts; Blink-182 with unicorn hair; the Evil Spice Girls. The Sissy Fits will melt your face, steal your hearts and leave your party covered in glitter. These girls want to take over the world with their positive vibes, strong female realness and giant pink amps!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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