EP: Revolution
Release Date: August 24, 2018
Genre: R&B/ Soul

JXCK KXLLY is a Toronto-based artist, who recently opened for both Ludacris and Nancy Wilson of Heart released her debut EP Revolution today. Some of her influences include the Bee Gees, Blondie, and Daft Punk, all of which come across in her 70-esque debut.

Revolution is ripe with juicy synth lines and sweet vocals. The opening track and lead single “Nothing” is an absolute earworm, that is sure to have listeners humming for days afterwards.

In “Risky” JXCK’s smooth vocals shine, and the jazz melody is reminiscent of an Amy Winehouse track – before the song turns into an epic guitar solo, ripe with power chords.

“Good Place” is a charming and nostalgic love song, filled with sweet lyrics, such as “why did I wait to change?/why can’t we stay?/why can’t we find that good place again?” The chorus is punctuated with pitch-perfect backing harmonies.

The closing track “Go Together” wraps the EP up nicely with JXCK’s sleek harmonies and unexpected chord progressions.

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