Review – The Town Heroes

Album: Everything (will be fine when we get to where we think we’re going)
Release Date: August 10, 2018
Genre: Alternative Rock

The Town Heroes, a four-piece Alternative Rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, recently released their fourth full-length album Everything (will be fine when we get to where we think we’re going).  Through “merging modern pop-sensibilities with the alt-rock influences, the band has crafted 11 beautifully hook-laden tracks oozing with hit potential.”

The Town Heroes got their start as a duo consisting of Mike Ryan (guitar, vocals) and Bruce Gillis (drums). However, this release introduces the band in a new light – with the addition of two members; Tori Cameron (bass)  and Aaron Green (guitar). According to Ryan, “we wanted to give ourselves the opportunity to create without limitations…in the studio or live. It opens up an entirely different world for us. We can take a song in any direction and let it become what it’s supposed to.”

According to the band, “The album is simultaneously fun and thought-provoking, danceable arrangements coupled with contemplative self-awareness and social conscience. At heart, a perfect soundtrack for contemplating life with a bounce in your step.”

The album begins with “Everything”, a track with a Pop-Punk feel. It has good dynamics with where they fill in more sonic space at times and at others there are quick pauses. There are parts where the track is more stripped down, where the intensity of some instruments are mellowed before they begin to rise once again.

“Poets” is a catchy drum and bass driven tune that reminds me of The Lumineers. Released as the second single, The Town Heroes definitely chose a track that would spark interest and capture the attention of the listener. I’ve already caught myself singing along and humming the tune.

Another of the bands singles, “Babe Ruth”, exemplifies how someone will do anything for a person they care about.  This track is a stand out for me with its unique sound, catchy percussion and guitar riffs added in just the right spots.

Another stand out for me was “Feel It Too”. The track begins with a groovy melody. This melody is filled with excitement and the urgency one feels when things are changing. The guitars are prominently placed out front but at the same tim,e the track relies heavily on percussion to form a solid rhythm.

“Only One” was released earlier this year as a teaser of what was to come. This track seems to allow them to experiment with vocals and melodies. I was definitely intrigued by the changes in tempo, ranging from a soothing to rough sound.

The album ends with a slower, more mellow track, “The Good News”. Both the melody and vocals are full of emotion that leaves the listener in a solemn mood at the beginning before becoming hopeful.

According to Ryan, this album allowed the band to step out of their comfort zone. In the past, they aimed to create an album that could be reproduced on stage without straying far from the album. The latest album allowed them to not have “any limitations on what [they] were creating. [They] wanted each song to have room to go in any direction.” And that is exactly what they did.

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