Review – The Dill

Album: Greetings From the Dill
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Indie/Rock

The most ambitious album of 2018 has arrived. Having scored films and commercials, remixed songs, and also made ambient tracks as Awesollator—as well as a fruitful 20-year career doing live shows— Dylan “The Dill” Hudecki has just dropped his hugely anticipated first solo record.

In his own words, on the surface, “Greetings From may appear to be a typical 12-song solo singer/songwriter effort—but it’s actually the greatest-hits distillation of an unprecedented recording and visual-art project that stretches back nearly two decades.” Impressed? You should be. The Dill has plucked collaborating talent from some of the biggest names in Canadian indie-rock (Broken Social Scene, The Arkells, Born Ruffians, and Sarah Harmer) to stockpile over 52 songs, of which only 12 of the greatest were picked for the physical release of Greetings From.

From its opening track, “1000 Days”, Greetings From immediately establishes itself as being unlike anything you’ve ever heard before: striking a likeness to sounds such as Arcade Fire, Radiohead, and The New Pornographers, The Dill’s eerily hard-hitting lyricism and vivid instrumentalism clash in a way that will flood you with chills. From the jaunty, ironic “Divorce in Open D” to the slow-swaying, keyboard-heavy “Nothing Was Ever the Same Since He was Hit by Lightning”, Greetings From showcases The Dill’s immeasurable lyrical talent and vocal prowess in one fell swoop.

Hugely entertaining, undeniably unique, and thoroughly impressive, Greetings From will floor lovers of any and every genre.

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