Review – Diemonds

Album: Diemonds
Release Date: August 10, 2018
Genre: Rock

Toronto based hard rock outfit, Diemonds, have returned with their self-titled album! Diemonds serves as the band’s fourth record and the follow up to their stellar 2015 release, Never Wanna Die.  The ten track album is fantastic front to back and serves as a milestone for not only the band but also for the modern Canadian rock scene.

Diemonds wastes no time getting started with the hard-hitting pace of the opening track, “Breathe” set by the thrashing drums with an intense and building pick scratch up the guitar neck, leading into lead vocalist Priya Panda’s Hayley Williams inspired vocals to come in during the verse. The album continues with “Our Song” – a hard-hitting banger than lends itself to modern pop-punk – while “Shoulda Listened To Ya” is a sludgy take on ‘90s hard rock.

Diemonds proves to be a versatile record that fits in as well with classic ‘80s rock as it would with some of the 2000’s biggest rock, pop punk, and pop-rock artists. “Burn It Down”, for example, showcases a juxtaposing sense of grit and glamour from the thick wall of distorted guitars which blend seamlessly with the smooth vocals that demonstrate a strong pop sensibility. That being said, Diemonds shine best when they embrace a heavier edge, as best heard on “How Long” – perhaps the strongest track on the record.

Diemonds prove once again why they stand strong at the forefront of Toronto’s rich rock scene on Diemonds. Their self-titled record continues to be yet another step forward through the band’s unique style that blurs the stylistic lines of rock music from the last four decades. Three years in the making, Diemonds is the album that fans of the band have been waiting for.

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