Canadian Beats Passport – IN PHOTOS – Post Malone in Toronto

Photos by Nicole Wolfe (with Post Malone photos supplied by Tobias Wang/ Aurora Illumination Series)

Who: Post Malone, Uno The Activist & Ski Mask The Slump God
Where: Mod Club, Toronto
When: August 6, 2018

We have been experiencing the magic of the Aurora Illumination Series concerts across the country all summer long.  If you were one of the lucky few to take in one of these free concerts, there is no doubt this will be the highlight of your summer.  These shows have featured some of the most recognizable artists in ultra intimate environments with a few hundred fans.  When you arrive at the show, you are fitted with a light up bracelet that is synched with everyone else in the crowd and from there your night begins!

On Monday, Aurora featured Post MaloneUno The Activist and Ski Mask The Slump Dog at Mod Club in Toronto.  We were there to soak in the awesome vibes!

Post Malone

Uno The Activist

Ski Mask The Slump God

For more photos from the night, check out our Facebook page.

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