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Myer Clarity is hip-hop, that’s very clear. The more you listen, though, the more you hear elements of rock, punk, electronic and, even some jazz! While this could become confusing with just any artist, Myer has the ability to get his listener into a groove that they don’t want to leave.

Your newest album, Not All Heroes Wear Capes, kept me on my toes in terms of what genre was going to pop up next! Did you grow up listening to any artists or bands in particular that combined multiple genres the way you do?

Absolutely! Always been really big on artists that juggle more than one genre in their music. I grew up listening to a lot of K-os, an artist who blended indie rock, reggae and hip-hop together, as well as anything from Gym Class Heroes, NOFX, and Rancid. On top of all that, my folks were adamant I know about Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Serge Gainsbourg, Mozart, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles so there was a lot going on musically. That’s probably why I’m hella weird.

The album is part one of the three-part series you’ll be releasing; where did this idea come from? Any timeline on parts two & three?

I recorded a full album with 17 tracks back in 2016 at this spot called Schoolhouse studios. That was the original Not All Heroes Wear Capes but after sitting on it for a few years, trying to get the right label situation together, I decided to split the project into 3 installations and sprinkle some newer material into each to keep people’s eyes on me. The days of “blowing your wad” all in one album release are over… “we’re in single territory, baby!”

Creating music started before you were even a teenager! Was there anything that drew you to this as opposed other extra-curriculars a lot of kids get into?

I suck at sports… Like, super fucking hard. So I went the creative route instead. I used to want to be an actor but something about memorizing other people’s lines never really scratched that itch. It wasn’t until grade 6 when I wrote a song for my friend’s band that I got into writing music. A year later a friend of mine would give me an Eminem CD and from that moment on it was over! I had finally found a medium where I could channel my creativity, prepubescent awkwardness and anger, and also say fuck a lot. Been at it ever since.

From solo shows, festival appearances and showcase performances, you’ve had the chance to perform all over the States and Canada as well as in Cannes, France! No matter where you are, what’s your goal in terms of how you leave an audience feeling once you leave the stage?

Make it fun, make it memorable, and make them say your name as much as possible. I always make the crowd yell “Fuck Myer Clarity” so it gets stuck in their heads. Not to mention making every show as much of a party as I possibly can without getting kicked out. I like to make sure everyone has a good time, I’m there for them not me. We’ve all been to that one friend’s local rap show… you know the one I’m talking about… yeah, I make sure that’s never me up there.

What’s next for you between now and the end of the year?

Here’s my itemized list:

*as seen on a Firken Pub napkin*

  • Prom King Lyric Video (Aug 24)
  • Performance alongside Illvibe at Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Republic with GZA, SuicideBoys, Hopsin, and more! (Aug 23 – 25)
  • First & Second Video Single for Vol 2 (Sept-Oct-Nov)
  • ?????
  • Profit

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