Matt Holubowski receives Gold Record for Solitudes

Singer-songwriter Matt Holubowski from Hudson, Quebec was part of the lineup for the 2018 edition of the Osheaga festival in Montreal. His alternative folk set, on Friday afternoon, was a perfect way to kick off the festival in a relaxed and melodic manner.

Shortly after his set, his record label Audiogram, and Sony Canada were waiting for him backstage, to surprise him for a Gold Record for his 2nd album, Solitudes. Released in September 2016, the record sold 40,000 copies in Canada.

You can watch the whole thing on Osheaga’s Facebook page, or read a transcript of Matt’s speech below!

“When you live your life, you try to take the right path, towards what makes you happy. Sometimes you take the right path, somethings you take the wrong path, you make some good decisions, you make some bad decisions. I’ve made a ton of bad decisions! 

The best decision that I’ve made was to work with my team. We spent so many nights just talking about what this means, and how to make a record timeless. Timelessness has always been the main objective and it continues to be, as we modernize the music. 

It’s just a gold record, right? It’s not a big deal! (laughs) It’s just music and we all feel things, and this is us exposing what we feel. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you think “I fucked up”, this makes you feel like you made some right decisions along the way. 

Thank you very much, thanks to my parents who were totally not into this career in music at first, and who grew into it, to the band who have made this flourish into so much better of a piece of art than what I would have done when we met. Thank you, everyone!”

A massive congratulations to Matt from all of us at Canadian Beats, this gold record is well-deserved, and we cannot wait to see what he will be up to next!

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