Review – Claire Coupland

Album On The Other Side
Release Date July 27, 2018
Genre Folk Singer-Songwriter

Claire Coupland is a Toronto-based folk singer-songwriter, whose 5-song EP On The Other Side released July 27, 2018.

The EP opens with the single “Bound for Love,” a bouncy track complete with pitch-perfect harmonies, and sweet lyrics such as “it’s a game of life, a game of love/you fall down and pick yourself up/well it might bring me one step closer to you.”

The next track, “Fleet Street,” is a slower song that feels like the heart of the album. It’s nostalgic and charming, complete with a saxophone solo to tie the song together.

“Get Outta This Town,” is my personal favourite on the EP. “Let me hold you while you sleep/listen to you dream,” is a lyric in the first verse, and the song soon grows into a story of Claire leaving what she calls a “broken love.” Here is where the emotion in Claire’s voice shines through, and the band behind her supports it perfectly all the way through. There’s a special a cappella moment just before the final chorus, making the rest of the song even more powerful than before.

The EP ends with “This One’s For The Road,” an upbeat track that ties together all the other sounds on the album.

Connect with Claire Coupland:

Megan is an indie-pop singer/songwriter from Barrie, Ontario. She is self-taught on piano, ukulele, and guitar. With a flair for storytelling, her unique sound has been compared to Amy Winehouse, Hayley Williams, and Halsey. Other than music, she has always had a strong passion for reading and writing and is excited to be contributing to Canadian Beats.

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