PREMIERE – Estēvan releases new single, “Mi Luz”

Originally from Ottawa, ON and currently residing in Montreal, QC, Estēvan is bringing a new twist to the popular Electronic and Reggaeton genres. He has teamed up with Diablopablo, Gioco, and Maite to release a brand new latin hip-hop single, “Mi Luz” which translates to “My Light”. The theme of the single is perseverance and growing from obstacles and challenges in life that shape us into better people. The main message being to never give up.

Estēvan shares on the single,

“Mi Luz was very much inspired by the people surrounding me. When I first moved to Montreal I had the intentions of recording music in Spanish and at the time I didn’t know one Spanish artist. In my first week, I met Gioco randomly and I was fortunate enough to build a strong connection with him which led to the creation of “Mi Luz” and many other unreleased songs. “Mi Luz” represents the beginning of a journey that will hopefully take me all around the world. Inspiration hits in the most unexpected moments; those moments are what I live for. Enjoy “My Light!”

Gioco comments,

“Music is the tool we use to share our experiences with people and connect with them. Some obstacles seem like problems at first but in fact they help us to get out of our comfort zone and grow.”

Check out the single below, and be sure to keep up to date with Estēvan on his socials.

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