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Welcome to Indie Spotlight! This week’s unique singer-songwriter, Maura Whitman, has opened for big-name artists like Gordie Sampson, Neon Dreams, and Dennis Ellsworth. Whitman started performing before she was old enough to reach the keys on her family piano. That was the moment she fell in love with music, and even more so, writing music. Now, at 17, you can hear how this Halifax-based pop musician has been influenced by a variety of genres over the years, from jazz to rhythm and blues.

Over the past year, Whitman has really evolved musically, but she still faces challenges every single day. The biggest challenge she currently faces is keeping her music a number one priority, as she still has to juggle school, athletics, and social interaction. Whitman says: “Songwriting is a passion of mine that I am wholeheartedly committed to and it can be difficult to pull myself away from a piano and focus on other activities that contribute to a healthy lifestyle balance.”

Ultimately, hitman’s biggest influences come from powerhouse vocalists like Adele and Alicia Keys, and some of her non-musical influences stem from mountain biking where her coaches instil determination, commitment, and focus in her. Most importantly, her parents are huge influences for her because they’ve always supported her passions: “The foundations they have built have allowed me to achieve the goals I have set for myself” (Maura Whitman).

No need to fear – new music is in the works, Maura Whitman fans. She is in the process of writing and recording new music and hopes to keep moving forward with releasing high-quality new song releases. Maura Whitman wants to share her passion for music with the world, so make sure to check out her music at or stream it on iTunes, Spotify, or

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