Review – Kill Them With Colour

Album: Coastal
Release Date: July 13, 2018
Genre: EDM

JUNO award nominated producer Kill Them With Colour released his summer-vibing EP Coastal earlier this month. The 5-song EP is guaranteed to be a beach-ready soundtrack and features a handful of excellent singers to accompany the already groovy music.

The album starts with “Sriracha”, a song about comparing the summer heat to the spicy condiment. It has a very funky, dance vibe to it mixed with the catchy lyrics which I can see at any kind of summer party throughout the season.

“Stay” is a little slower. I envision this song being played later into the night when everything starts to mellow down. The beat is slower and calmer compared to the opening song but still fits well with the rest of the EP.

“Coastal” was released to hype up the EP and I’ve actually heard this one before on a Canadian radio station, which got high regards from the host of the show it was on. Since I was out and about during the initial listen, getting a better listen now, it is a great summertime song to listen to on evening drives with your friends.

“How Could This Be” is darker in a sense. I could still groove along with it but it gives a whole new feel to the EP without ruining the overall vibe. Plus, halfway into the song, it picks up with a more steady beat with the darker beat accompanying it really well.

“Pressure” is an excellent album ender, great vocals & catchy instrumentals reminded me of songs from the 80s. With a resurgence of songs in this style, it shows he knows what is catchy now with his own flare mixed into it.

Kill Them With Colour wasn’t joking when he claimed Coastal was a summer-vibing, beach-ready soundtrack. This is an album I’ll have along with others playing throughout my summer adventures.

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