Nick Ferrio releases video for “I Don’t Know How Long”

Photo Supplied by PR

Canadian singer-songwriter Nick Ferrio has released a video for his newest single, “I Don’t Know How Long”. In the single Ferrio examines gentrification in his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario.

Nick’s thoughts on the song:

I wrote “I Don’t Know How Long” about the stress, the anxiety, and the precarity that gentrification causes. I was seeing a lot of changes where I live in Peterborough, Ontario – friends who had no choice but to leave the city because they couldn’t afford rent, couldn’t find jobs that pay enough to live, couldn’t afford to raise families here. I started wondering if it was time that I, too, found somewhere else to call home. I realized that the displacing and erasure that happens when a place is gentrified, which is a phenomenon happening in a lot of cities throughout Turtle Island, isn’t a new version of colonialism – it’s simply a symptom of the same old one.

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