Review – Caribou Run

Album: Old Peninsula
Release: April 27, 2018
Genre: Folk/Alternative/Country

Neo-folk, alt-country band Caribou Run released their sophomore album Old Peninsula earlier this year. The five-piece consists of Drew Moores (guitar/vocals), Peter Visse (bass), Danielle Noble (keys/vocals), Corey Thorpe (lead guitar/vocals), Jonathan Barkhouse (drummer) and Mike Brunelle (Trombone). Hailing from Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia their music has been making the generating buzz throughout Canada over the last year – and their debut studio album Something Organic Will Happen received the 2017 Nova Scotia Music Award for Blues Recording of the Year.

Their latest release is a captivating collection of soulful and folk melodies further magnified by Brunelle’s gorgeous trombone playing. Old Peninsula is a beautifully blended story of pain, celebration, and reflections of past and present. Emotional moments lifted in striking melodies- whether it’s stories of addiction (“Mr.Rye”, “Fleeting Soul”), of adventures (“P.E.I”), or those moments of hope (“Hallelujah”, “Wish You Well”). Each of the 10 well-crafted songs offers listeners a chance to immerse themselves in these narratives.

Danielle Noble’s voice shines in particular throughout her graceful solos and striking harmonies. Caribou Run are easily one of the most cohesive groups with a simply phenomenal record.

Old Peninsula is a worth every minute of your time.

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