Review – Grand Fisher

EP: Real Friends
Release Date: July 6, 2018
Genre: Electronic/Pop

Ontario’s solo dance/electro-pop project, Grand Fisher, has entered the music scene with a bang—or, more accurately, his debut EP, Real Friends. Fresh, innovative, and relentlessly catchy, Real Friends is a 5-track romp that will immediately rope in lovers of the genre.

Opening track “Better As Friends” sets the tone instantaneously: with Daft Punk-esque autotune, the pulsating electronic undercurrent, and Grand Fisher’s fluctuation between rap and socially-conscious lyricism, the tracks only get stronger from there. Standouts “Boy Bye” and “Heartache” shine with their dance-heavy tunes and feel-good atmosphere.

Looking for upbeat melodies for your next summer get-together? Then look no further than Grand Fisher’s Real Friends.

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