Interview – The Sadies

Photo Credit: Heather Pollock

We caught up with iconic rockers, The Sadies in advance of their performance at Moncton’s own Mud City Meltdown which will be taking place from July 24-28, 2018. Take a few moments and find out more about the band, the upcoming festival and more! If you want to check out Mud City Meltdown later this month, grab your tickets HERE.

Is this your first time playing the Mud City Meltdown?


What excites you about being part of a music festival?

Um, I don’t know. Let’s say everything.

How is playing a festival different from a solo show?

There will likely be more bands on the bill.

Who are you looking forward so see perform from the festival line up?

Sacrifice. I used to see them a lot but that was 25 years ago.

Who would have been someone else you would have loved to see as part of the line up this year?


Have you ever been to a festival as a fan?

Um, yeah I guess.

What are some things you think make a music festival great?

Good music.

If you were to headline a festival and create your own lineup, who would you choose?

I would choose MARS Creation. Is Funeral Fog doing shows? And Purple Knight.

If you could pick a place to have your own music festival, where and why would it be?

I’d do it on the Gunningsville Bridge. The old one obviously.

Are there any other major dates or festivals you would like to mention for upcoming shows?

We will be performing throughout the rest of the year. They are all MAJOR.

What should we expect to see on stage at the festival?

The Sadies, Sacrifice and a whole lot of great bands.

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