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We caught up with Scarborough, Ontario’s Sacrifice in advance of their performance at Moncton’s own Mud City Meltdown which will be taking place from July 24-28, 2018. Take a few moments and find out more about the band, the upcoming festival and more! If you want to check out Mud City Meltdown later this month, grab your tickets HERE.

Is this your first time playing the Mud City Meltdown?

Yes, first Moncton show in 26 years.

What excites you about being part of a music festival?

For this one, the diversity of the acts is pretty cool. We are used to playing with only metal bands, so this will be interesting. Check out some different music that we aren’t exposed to as much live.

How is playing a festival different from a solo show?

Not much. Usually more people but we approach shows the same.

Who are you looking forward to seeing perform from the festival line up?

Not really that familiar with the bands playing, hopefully, we will become fans of some of the acts.

Who would have been someone else you would have loved to see as part of the lineup this year?


Have you ever been to a festival as a fan?

Of course. I’m not that into big outdoor festivals so this is more in my comfort zone.

What are some things you think make a music festival great?

Indoor. No line up to urinate. Positive vibes.

If you were to headline a festival and create your own lineup, who would you choose?

We wouldn’t headline over the bands I would choose.

If you could pick a place to have your own music festival, where and why would it be?

The Moon. Always wanted to go there.

Are there any other major dates or festivals you would like to mention for upcoming shows?

Nothing booked yet. This will be our last show of 2018.

What should we expect to see on stage at the festival?

Pure Canadian Thrash Metal with our 4 original members.

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