Review – Slingshot Miracle

Album: Critters
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Rock

As an ode to classic all-instrumental, guitar-driven rock, Slingshot Miracle’s phenomenal new album, Critters, is set to deliver your dose of summertime fun. With elements of country, blues, and swing, Critters promises to bring “Prairie-style barbequed riffs dripping with salty grease, crispy and tender, without the high-carb vocals.” What’s not to love?

Opening track “Abdication of the One-Eyed King” proves from the outset that you don’t need lyrics to be gripping and commercially catchy; setting up the remaining 13 tracks with grace, “Abdication of the One-Eyed King” is a nonstop romp that samples from a variety of genres while still remaining wholly original. From side-splitting, countrified “Chicken Pluckin’ Turnip Trucker” to the mellow, Buzz Lightyear-inspired “One Step Beyond Infinity”, Critters is both outrageously fun and jaw-droppingly impressive.

Looking for the next addition to your road-trip playlist? Then look no further—Critters is a sure-fire win.

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