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We caught up with Moncton, NB-based Which Witch is Which in advance of their performance at Moncton’s own Mud City Meltdown which will be taking place from July 24-28, 2018. Take a few moments and find out more about the band, the upcoming festival and more! If you want to check out Mud City Meltdown later this month, grab your tickets HERE.

Is this your first time playing the Mud City Meltdown?

For Which Witch is Which it is. A couple of us have played before with previous bands, as a one-off reunion show and that type of thing.

What excites you about being part of a music festival?

The promotion is certainly great!  The biggest thing for us is definitely the chance to play in front of a new audience who may not have checked us out otherwise.

How is playing a festival different from a solo show?

Well, I think that comes back to what we were saying about the new audience.  People will have bought tickets to see one of the other acts, or us, and discover other amazing bands as part of the process.

Who are you looking forward to seeing perform from the festival line up?

It varies from member to member as we have pretty diverse tastes. The Sadies are Canadian legends so that’s probably are at the top of our list.  The Surfrajettes is going to be insanely fun. Our pals Piss Horse and Spew grew up on Sacrifice and now they’ll be playing with them so that’s obviously exciting!  We’re super happy The Phone Jerks and Weekend Dads are going to be on the bill with us as we love those guys.

Who would have been someone else you would have loved to see as part of the line up this year?

There are so many great Canadian bands that don’t make it this far East very often.  Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet would be incredible, Forgotten Rebels, Skinny Puppy…

Have you ever been to a festival as a fan?

Absolutely, we’re all huge music fans first so we’ve travelled to hit festivals as well as gone to local ones.

What are some things you think make a music festival great?

The atmosphere and the band lineups.  A lot of people kinda end up going unrecognized for all the hard work they put the whole thing together.  There’s always a fun vibe at festivals because people get to see so many rad bands in one spot.  Then you get to hang out with cool people who are into the same stuff in between.  That work by the organizers keeping things flowing and just makes for a good experience for fans.

If you were to headline a festival and create your own lineup, who would you choose?

We would use witchcraft to resurrect David Bowie as well as the classic lineups of The Ramones and Motörhead.  Then we’d add ourselves to say we played with them.

If you could pick a place to have your own music festival, where and why would it be?

Well, there’s any major city, that’d be the easy answer.  Actually for the Maritimes though, Moncton is actually a great spot to hold massive concerts and festivals.  It’s right in the middle of every other city in the Maritimes.

Are there any other major dates or festivals you would like to mention for upcoming shows?

We just finished playing No Funswick this weekend, which is a super fun punk festival. We love everyone involved.  Mud City Meltdown will be our last festival this summer then we’ll be off to promote the new album everywhere.  Super stoked to hit Newfoundland again, great crowd and great people.

What should we expect to see on stage at the festival?

A killer lineup of kickass bands.  We know we’ll all be riding high as it’s our album release show is a part of Mud City Meltdown. We’ve had an amazing 2018 so far and this should be the party of the year!

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